My Names

by Ma. Teresa Ybanez

by Ma. Teresa Ybanez

Marites, Maria teresa, Tisay, Terya?

There’s a song title, A Horse with No Name, I have many different names which evolves as I travel this life and which represents the many faces of me.Let’s begin with Marites.  Why Marites when my real name, the one found in my Birth Certificate is Maria Teresa?  Well, when I was in pre-school, where we began to write our names, imagine the agonizing times when I have to write my full name Maria Teresa M.Plaza. My whole first line of pad paper will not be enough.  So my mother ask my teacher to consider my writing only Marites. Thankfully, my teacher and subsequently my school allowed me so.  And so I was known to my grade school classmates and friends in Butuan as Marites.

I was born on July 23, 1965 in Butuan City. My parents are Eusibio Plaza, a Butuanon and Teresita del Mar a native of Cebu. I am the eldest  of five siblings. They say that eldest children are born out of love and the ones who follow are born out of habit. Is that true?  I was named after my mother Teresita. In other words I am my mother’s “juniora”,  If fathers have juniors, so as mothers, she would say.So after elementary, there’s high school and college.  My parents transfered me to Cebu to continue my high school and college. I enrolled at the University of San Carlos Girls High School then later at the University of San Carlos Main School. It was there that they found out the discrepancy of my name. They did not only insisted on using my full name as Maria Teresa, they also corrected the spelling as well.  It was no longer Maria Theresa which I used to write but Maria Teresa with out the H because my Birth and Baptismal Certificates have different spelling.  Of coarse, the Birth Certificate prevailed.And then there’s Tisay.  Where and when it all started?  After I graduated from college, I was working then, I met my husband.  I was introduced to him as Teresa.  As we became close, he insisted on calling me Tisay. I resented because for me it sounded like atsay.  I told him,” Why do you keep on calling me Tisay?  And then he told me, “Because you look like mestiza that is why Tisay, it’s a short cut.  Hmm…and so, he became my boyfriend and after a year, husband. So you see, as of the moment, I have three different names.  You can tell from what “era” my friends are.  If they knew me by the name Marites, they are my childhood and elementary friends from Butuan.  If they call me Teresa, they are my high school and college friends. But if they call me Tisay, they are my husband’s relatives and friends or my friends after I got married.  It also would tell whether we are intimate friends or just an ordinary acquaintance.  Teresa or Tess for my friends at work or professional level friends and Tisay for my intimate friends.Then what about when I get older?  Will it evolves to another name like Terya? Takya? or Tecla?  I hope not, because that would make it more complicated as if getting old is not complicated enough.So whether you call me Marites, Teresa, or Tisay, for sure there was once in my lifetime that we met and get acquainted with.  And depending on whether you call me Marites, Teresa, or Tisay, you and I know on what level of intimacy our friendship have become.

Competent Communication: Ice Breaker
Basic Speech 01 by Ma. Teresa Ybanez | 08 October 2013
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